Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6 - Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

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I am thankful for my church and my pastor. I believe the Lord led me to Cottonwood Church the year prior to Michael's diagnosis to prepare me for the hard times that would come. It was the first time I had attended a church led by a pastor that really preached from the Bible, and that has made a huge difference in my life. I have learned so much more about the Bible since I started attending Cottonwood.

Pastor Bayless has taught me about the God of the Bible and His nature. Therefore, when Michael became sick, I understood Him better and I could trust Him with our lives. I'm still trusting Him and drawing strength from His promises. No matter what the world throws at me, God is good all the time.

It was also through Cottonwood, and Michael's mom, that we came to know Pastor Ray. The Lord used Pastor Ray to minister to Michael and to lead him to the cross. A lot of my comfort comes from knowing Michael's salvation was secure and that I will see him again. Because of what Jesus has done for us, Michael is a greater part of my future than he is of my past. Someday my little earthly family will finally be together forever in the same place with the Lord. That is something to look forward to.

We don't make it to church as frequently as I'd like to, but we'll get to that point eventually. It is so important to me that Michaela grow up knowing and loving the Lord, and that we have friends at church with whom we can share the journey.

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