Monday, November 28, 2011

Days 27 & 28 - Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

I was so preoccupied with my return to work yesterday that I didn't remember to post until I'd already climbed into be last night. Once I slipped beneath my flannel sheets next to my Little Baby Punkin I wasn't going to get up again. So today will have to be a twofer.

I am thankful for good neighbors. Sure, I've had an ongoing disagreement with my nextdoor neighbor about her dumb dog, but I am blessed to have several neighbors who are truly neighborly. The bachelor who lives next door is really helpful. He frequently brings in my trash barrels, and collects my mail when I'm away. Today, he helped another neighbor with their dog that had escaped from their yard. The couple across the street has always been so friendly to me. Today she came across the street as Michaela and I were leaving for the post office and we had a nice little chat. They are the kind of neighbors who keep an eye out on everyone's house. Two doors up is a sweet elderly widow. I remember good conversations with her husband before he passed a few years ago. She and I have gone to church together before, and she loves a little visit with Michaela and me. Lastly, three doors up is a woman (and her beau). She has built a beautiful house in the years she's lived there. I wish my house was as nice as hers! I love that she's a police officer - makes me feel secure.

I am also thankful for my health. There are so many people who live in chronic pain or with a chronic condition. I got a taste of what that's like when I was pregnant, and it really made me appreciate what it feels like to wake up each morning pain-free, and what it's like to live with good health most of the time.

Two more days, but much more than that to be thankful for!

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