Monday, November 21, 2011

Michaela @ Six Months

 It was so hard to get this shot! Michaela is almost always in motion these days.

On Friday last week, Michaela turned six months old. Here's the lowdown on all things Michaela.

Growth: I'll get the official measurements on Michaela's length and weight on Tuesday morning when we see the pediatrician, but she has continued to grow like a weed. A couple of weeks ago, I took all the six month clothing out of her drawers and washed up the nine month outfits. She still wears some lines that are sized 6 - 12 months, but most of her everyday wear is Carter's. So that's the sizing I use to judge her growth rate. She's wearing a size 3 shoe, but she hardly ever wears shoes. It's warm enough here for socks to suffice. I did get her a pair of warm boots for our trip to Las Vegas last weekend. I do hope they will fit her for most of the winter, but who knows.

Update: On Tuesday, Michaela weighed in at 17.8 pounds, and she is now 27 inches long.  Our pediatrician said she's "perfect".

Feeding: Michaela has finally decided that cereal and pureed fruits and vegetables are okay. She's still not eating large quantities of them, but she's much more enthusiastic about eating them than she was just a couple of weeks ago. She's also starting to use a sippy cup to get used to drinking water. She mostly just holds onto the cup and and plays with the spout for now. That's fine. Just like her initial forays into eating cereal and purees, the sippy cup is just for practice at this time.

Sleeping: After about a month or more of not sleeping through the night and dealing with night terrors, we have just started co-sleeping. It has allowed me to get the most uninterrupted sleep since I went back to work. I always liked having her in her bassinet right next to me. Now she's occupying the top third of the right side of the bed, and it's comfortable for us both. Naps are still taken in her crib.

Fun Stuff: Michaela gives sloppy kisses and hugs these days. I think she gave her first kisses to my dad. So sweet! She really loves her grandparents, and she is blessed to spend time with them each week. Michaela loves tags. Any blanket or toy with a tag is of interest to her. My mom found a little "Taggies" blanket for her, and she just loves that thing with a slobbery kind of love. It can occupy her for long periods of time. Michaela is doing a lot of pre-crawling movements like pushing up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth. She's figured out how to get over to whatever interests her by rolling around and using her arms to change the direction she's facing. Michaela also has lots to say these days. She babbles, and laughs, and squeals throughout the day. Such sweet sounds!

Overall, she is still a very easy and happy baby. Every day is filled with lots of good things and love.

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