Saturday, March 23, 2013

Michaela @ 22 Months

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Michaela had her monthly "birthday" on Monday this past week. Mommy was just too busy to take a picture and post about it, until now. I managed to get these sweet pictures of her while she was watching Thomas & Friends yesterday afternoon. She is so beautiful. She takes my breath away.

She is still in the same sizes as last month: 24 months or 2T clothing, size 4 diaper, 6.5 shoes.

Michaela delights Mommy with all the funny things she says:
"I miss you!"
"No problem"
"There he is!" (usually referring to Thomas)
"Oh, darn"
"Thomas and friends..."

She is obsessed with Thomas. You would think he was a member of our family the way he's always on her lips. I think she loves him. It looks like her second birthday party will have a Thomas theme. Not my idea of a girly birthday party, but I think she will love it.

I tried to ditch the bottle this past month, and instead gave her milk in sippy cups (and straw cups). It went over like a lead balloon. After two weeks of rejecting her milk, we went back to Babies R Us and purchased a new set of bottles. All is well now...

I am seeing more indications of the terrible twos - stubbornness, uncooperativeness, temper tantrums, etc. But I will have to say that her temperament is such that those things are very mild, so far. It's just that she is developing a mind of her own and asserting herself more now. I have implemented time out, but she seems to enjoy it. So I don't know how effective it really is.

Next Sunday night she will do something that I didn't do until I was fourteen years old - she will travel on an airplane. My first flight took me to San Francisco, but hers will take us all the way to the East Coast. I am hopeful that she will be a great traveler like her daddy. It will be an adventure for us both.

Just two more months until a real birthday!

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  1. She is beautiful. So exciting about your trip!(if you are going where I think you are going. :)


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