Saturday, November 20, 2010

15 Weeks

Fetus at fifteen weeks

At this point, Baby Labrador measures about 4 1/2 inches but only weighs 2 or 3 ounces. This was the first week since week five that I haven't had a ultrasound to see the baby, but I will in just a few more days.

Yesterday morning my mom and I decided that I'd been sick long enough (nine days of diarrhea and eleven days of head pain), had complained to my doctors enough without much response on their part, and it was time to get some more immediate treatment/action. So we went to the ER.

On Monday, my GP had surmised that I had a viral infection, but yesterday's blood tests did not confirm that. Instead the ER staff determined that I have a bladder infection. Funny because I had no symptoms for that. The PA said that catching it was a good thing because it can cross the placenta and affect the baby. I was also dehydrated. Not too surprising after nine weeks of nausea and vomiting and nine days of diarrhea. They gave me two IV bags, and an intravenous antibiotic. As for the head pain, they are thinking that I have a tension headache. I can continue taking Tylenol for that, use hot and cold compresses, and get a massage. I'm still not sure that I agree with the cause of the head pain, but I'll follow their instructions and see if it improves.

They also allowed me to take Imodium, and that was something my GP and OB would not allow me before. Needless to say, it worked! I felt better while getting the IV fluids, but by the time I got home, I was pretty nauseous once again and I had a hard afternoon and evening with that. My mom stayed with me until I was ready to go to bed. It just helps having someone here with me.

Of course, spending the morning in the ER meant that I had to call for a sub. I emailed my principal right away, tried to get a good sub, but eventually had to leave it up to the system. A sub I know picked up the job, and I think she has a pretty good reputation for classroom management. I heard that the principal walked through my room more than once, and that several parents volunteered to come in and help during the day so that the kids didn't get out of hand. I had just received two more expressions of support the day before from two other parents, so I hope this didn't undo that goodwill.

I have the upcoming week off, and I hope to rest up and feel better soon.


  1. I am so glad you and your mom listened to your instincts and got to the ER. I am very happy for you that you have the next week off. You and baby both need that to rest and let go of the stress from work this past week. Hugs, Sarah

  2. Sorry about the 15months on FB.. it is just stuck in my head with months due to adoption...
    Sorry you are sooo sick.. I hope it gets better and you can enjoy being pregnant..
    LOVE YOU ..
    Can't wait to see if you have a little boy or litlte girl to bring such blessing into your life..

  3. Stop worrying about the subs. I know you are an incredibly kind person but you MUST direct your kindness towards yourself and the baby now.

    Enjoy your week just might be what you need to feel better and stay that way.

  4. Joannah,
    So sorry you have felt so terrible. I pray that you start to feel better as you leave the 1st trimester. As a teacher myself, I know the stress of feeling terrible and not being up to being in the classroom during those days. As long as you have the support of your Principal and your lesson plans are done, you have NOTHING to worry about in that area. Think about your baby and YOU come first. Boo to the non-supportive parents and Hooray for those that always come through. Prayers that you start to feel better and can begin to enjoy your pregnancy!!

  5. Enjoy your week of rest-truly deserved! Love hearing about Baby Labrador! =)


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