Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Barking Dogs, Substitute Teachers, and Cramps - Oh, my!

Barking Dogs:
Shortly after Michael passed away, my next-door-neighbor stopped by to give me her and her husband's condolences. We had a nice little talk, and then I mentioned to her that her dog barks a lot when they aren't home. She was really nice about it, and she suggested that I email her when it's a problem.

So, I began doing so now and then, but certainly not as often as the dog barked. I tried to be really nice about it, but I was hoping that she and her husband would do something about it. Their dog likes to sit in their side yard behind a see-through metal gate that looks out onto the front yard. She can see the world go by from there, and she barks at most of the human activity that goes by - long and loud. My bedroom is only four or five feet from where the dog is, so it's a problem when I'm resting in my room, or when I've retired for the evening.

Yesterday I email her once again about how long the dog had barked on Halloween - an hour non-stop and that dog has a big bark. I really wanted to crawl into bed because I wasn't feeling good, but it wasn't an option. In my email I explained that I hadn't been feeling well because of my pregnancy, and how I've been going to bed early. I was just trying to help her understand why it was so disturbing to me. Once again, I was looking for her to offer a solution like they'd put the dog indoors or in the garage when they were away from home. Instead I got a rather cavalier response about noisy dogs and crying babies and "such is life".

I was flabbergasted. I thought her response was really heartless. I emailed her again last night citing our city's ordinance against barking dogs, and I told her how some of our neighbors had complained about Buffy's barking way back when, and how I'd resolved the situation by leaving her in whenever I'm not home. I told her that I don't want to file a complaint, but that this is a serious situation and I expect them to come up with a solution or I will (file a complaint). I tried to express myself very reasonably, and I assured her that I wouldn't have the windows open at night so the baby's cries won't disturb their sleep. I did not receive a response today. I don't know what's going to happen, but I do know that I will file a complaint if it's not taken care of. I just can't tolerate it anymore.

I think one of the things that bothers me the most is that they are committed Christians. That doesn't mean that they (or I'm) perfect, but it should guide us in how we respond to others. They know how much I've gone through this year. I just don't understand why they would disregard my concerns and complaints about their dog. I prayed about it before I went to work today. I asked the Lord to soften her heart and convict her about the right thing to do. I don't want to be at odds with them. We have been neighbors for thirteen years.

Substitute Teachers:
My principal came to me this morning. She said she didn't want to upset me (uh, huh), but that a couple of parents had called and complained about my absences. She said they said they understood my situation, but they want me to have the same substitute when I'm out. I can't even believe she bothered to pass that information on to me. I told her that I always try to get my favorite sub (hi, Susan!), but that she's very popular and she is usually booked well ahead of time. I also told her that I have a short list of other subs I prefer, but that they are not always available on short notice either. My principal should know these things after being a teacher herself, and after being a principal as long as she has. She could have told those parents that very thing and spared me the concern. Sheesh!

I already decided recently that my health and this baby's health are most important. I will take days off as needed. Who's available to cover for me is not going to determine whether I stay home, or not.

Came home today and started experiencing some cramping. Called the RE's and the OB's offices. Talked to a nurse and a doctor. Since there's no bleeding they suspect that it's due to my uterus growing, or me having been on my feet too much. They told me to stay off my feet for the rest of the evening. That means I can't go vote. Oh, well. The baby is more important. I will see the RE tomorrow morning for an ultrasound. Hopefully, that will be reassuring.


  1. Sorry for the dog barking.. I sure hope that they think about you and the other people on the block and do something about the dog...
    Hope your cramps go away soon.. Can't wait to see the new sonogram photos..
    Love ya.. get some rest..

  2. First of all, if you do not hear back from your neighbor in the next couple of days, file a complaint. I also have friends in your area that can make certain animals disappear, if you catch my drift.
    Secondly, people can be such idiots. Your principal should try to find a more permanent sub for you if she feels it's necessary. Not your responsibility. That baby is.
    Third, the world will keep spinning without your vote. Put your feet up (or lay on your left side) and relax. Cast all your cares on Him for He cares for you. (And I do, too!)

  3. Good luck resolving the dog issue. I hope your neighbor decides to do the right thing and you do not have to call the city. Otoh you might want to call sooner rather than later, I think it takes a few complaints that the city is able to verify (by sending someone out and that person catching the dog barking) before they will do much.

    Odd that your principal does not get how subs are ordered. I wonder what your union rep would think about her questioning your use of sick days at all ;)

  4. We had this same problem with our next door neighbours when I was pregnant with the twins. They would leave their two terriers outside all night and they would bark for up to 45 minutes straight. We asked them nicely many times to do something, but they never did. So, we filed a complaint with the city. We were asked to keep track of the noise and times of day. We were lucky in that they moved out shortly after all the city stuff began. You and your baby have a right to live a peaceful life.

    As for your principal? Not cool. She should not have bothered you with that At. All.

    Cramping is SCARY, but normal. I had it all through my pregnancy.


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