Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fourteen Weeks

Fetus at fourteen weeks

Just look at that! Fourteen weeks ago Baby Labrador was just a few cells, and now he or she is a miniature human being about the size of my fist.

I met my OB for the first time Thursday. I have been going to that office for several years, but I've always seen the nurse practitioner. Michael's mom went with me, and we were able to see the baby on the ultrasound. Unfortunately, the doctor didn't print out a picture for us. He did try to tell if Baby Labrador is a boy or a girl, but Baby wasn't in a cooperative position. My next appointment is in three weeks, and we'll hope to find out then.

The doctor recommended that I start taking a DHA and a calcium supplement. I'm still not able to keep my prenatals down, but he didn't seem too worried about that. However, he did recommend that I start taking Pepcid for my nausea. He said that he'd just been to a conference where that was recommended for pregnant women with nausea. I started taking it yesterday and it does seem to be helping.

In the last three days, I've developed a new complaint. Now I've got scalp pain. It's kind of like a stiff neck, but it is affecting the right side of my scalp. Doctor Google says it's scalp neuritis which is an inflammation of the nerves that provide sensation to the scalp. It really hurts!

Please keep my friend Ashley in your prayers. She's delivering a baby girl (her first) via c-section on November 30th. There have been some concerns about the baby's development in the recent weeks. Please pray that Ashley and her husband will have peace of mind as they get closer to meeting their precious baby, and please pray that their baby will be healthy in every way.


  1. YEA... you are doing well girly.. I am sooo happy for you ....
    Glad you have such amazing dr.'s.
    Can't wait to hear if it is a girl/boy..
    Love you tons..

  2. Wow, when I saw the picture, I immediately thought- that's a tiny human! Incredible!

    How interesting about the pepcid, hope it continue to work. That scalp pain is strange....hope it doesnt stick around.

    Prayers going out for your friend Ashley.

  3. WOW! It's amazing, it never stops being amazing! I hope your crazy head pain goes away, as if pregnancy doesn't offer enough weird body gigs!


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