Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ultrasound(s) #8

Baby Labrador measuring at 69.9 mm (13 weeks)

This morning I visited the RE's office for the last time. I've graduated to the OB from here on out. I was seen by Dr. Anderson instead of Dr. Dourron. Turns out that Dr. Dourron's wife just had another baby this week. Dr. Anderson had done my transfer back in August so he commented that it was nice that he got to see me from start to finish. During that scan, the baby was very active. He or she was sucking their thumb, and they had the hiccups. Too cute!

After that appointment, I had an acupuncture treatment. Then I went to the perinatologist for the sequential screening. Their ultrasound equipment was a lot better than my doctors' and I could see the baby in more detail. The scan above is from that appointment. The technician said that everything looked perfect anatomically speaking. She did notice that I have a small fibroid in my uterus. That's something new because Dr. Dourron checked for those in April. She said that it's not a huge concern right now, but that I will have scans more frequently during my pregnancy because of it. That's fine by me!

I still need to go get my blood test which is part of the sequential screening this afternoon. I'm putting it off because I've got a headache and I'm just feeling a little off right now. It's always something.

You know, I know I'm pregnant, but most of the time I'm just so focused on how crappy I feel. However, when I go in for a scan and I see my baby moving around, I am so excited about it. I can hardly wait to meet this little person in a few months.


  1. Beautiful, and we all can't wait to meet him/her either! I am going to be the first to take a guess and say "him" though, LOL. ;) Of course, that could just be because I am a boy mommy! Once you feel the baby's movements, it will be easier to tolerate the discomfort and pain as well. I'm glad baby is growing stronger and stronger!

  2. Dear Joanna,
    I've waited and waited sooo long to comment on all your pregnancy posts. Call me superstitious. I was just very nervous to make any comments until you past your first trimester. Now that you've gotten past those first very important months, I felt better and wanted to tell you CONGRATULATIONS!! We are SOOO HAPPY for you!! Even though you haven't been feeling very well, you and your family must be very excited!!! I was hoping and praying for you all along!!! We are just thrilled for you, and we are so happy to follow along!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful time in your life with us.
    Jan, John & Jillian Rose


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