Saturday, February 26, 2011

Twenty-Nine Weeks

Fetus at twenty-nine weeks

This week, Michaela weighs nearly three pounds and is approximately 17 inches long. I hope she's nice and comfy in there, because I'm not. My back is just killing me! Next week I will see a chiropractor who specializes in treating pregnant women. He comes highly recommended. I am so hopeful that he can help me with my sciatica and some of the other aches and pains I'm experiencing in my mid-back and my neck and shoulders.

I know it's likely that I've got another ten or eleven weeks to go, but I am so ready for this baby to get here. I'm not ready in the practical sense, but I am ready in the physical sense. I want my body back. By that I don't mean that I want my figure back - although that will be nice. I just want to feel like myself again.

On Friday I took the three-hour glucose test. My dad kindly picked me up, took me to the lab, and then sat with me for the duration. The technicians at the lab were really sweet and they let me rest on a cot in their office for a while. Three hours, one nasty syrupy drink, and four blood draws later I was done. Then Dad took me out for a bite to eat. I am relieved to have that ordeal over with, and I am hopeful that I will not have gestational diabetes. I just can't stand the idea of having yet another complication during this pregnancy.


  1. Will think good thoughts that all will be well for you from here on out. xo, Shell

  2. That 3-hour is just awful. I've been pregnant 3 times and every time failed the 1-hour and passed the 3- hour. I hope that is the case for you! You are SO SO SO close. Michaela will be here soon!

  3. Hugz girly..
    I can't wait till Michaela is in your arms..

  4. Oh Joannah,
    As an "outsider", I cannot fathom how dificult this pregnancy has been or why...after all you've been through. Know that you and Michaela are being lifted up to our LORD, for comfort and protection this next 10 weeks or so. You are SO BRAVE...really you are an inspiration.
    Be well dear girl.
    (thank you for your kind words too!)


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