Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Crack" Baby

The title of this post refers to the t-shirts and onesies that were for sale at the chiropractor's office yesterday. My mom was puzzled by their meaning. But if you've ever been to a chiropractor before, you know that there is a whole lot of cracking going on. It's so weird that our bodies can do that!

After talking with the chiropractor about my sciatica and other back issues, he gave me a deep tissue massage. To accomplish this, I had to lay face down on a massage table. That's not easy to do when you're eight months pregnant. However, they have a special pillow to support the belly. I've had lots of massages over the years, but I always ask for medium/light pressure because I'm a big baby. He coached me on how I needed to relax and breathe to get through it. He was able to crack my mid-back during the massage. I've been hurting so badly in that area. Then he worked my glutes to get to the sciatic nerves. When I arrived at his office my left sciatic was hurting so much that I had a difficult time getting out of the car and walking into the building, so this was a painful but necessary part of my treatment. It was at this point that he had to coach me on my breathing and relaxation, because I reared up in pain and he was afraid I was going to hit him! I wouldn't have done that. After the massage, he did some adjustments.

The chiropractor told me that it's realistic to experience results after three or four sessions. I will be going back up (he's in LA) to see him next week. Fortunately, he's opening an office closer to where I live later this month.

So, tomorrow I will see my OB again. I don't think I'm ready to return to work yet as I have just started treatment for my back pain. That has to be the priority right now. I wish that chiropractic treatment had been suggested when I first saw my OB about my pain. Not only would I be feeling better by now, but perhaps I'd be ready to go back to work. But I've learned from Michael's experience that doctors are so specialized that they rarely take a holistic approach to treating the patient. I'm very thankful a friend referred me to this chiropractor, and I'm hopeful that my back pain can be managed or alleviated with ongoing treatment.


  1. 8 months! I hope you'll post a belly shot :)

    I hope this treatment brings some much needed relief.

  2. I just started going to a chiropractor 2 weeks ago and I love it! I hope you get the relief you so need!!

  3. I can't believe that so many people think Chiropractors are quacks or "pretend" Doctors. I've gotten so much relief from them over the years.

    I have friends and family who will suffer with back pain for weeks (barely able to move, sleeping on the floor, suffering all day and night) but when I suggest that they go see a Chiropractor, they act like I suggested voodoo or magic snake-oil elixirs.

    I walk into their office in pain and walk out with no pain. What other kind of Doctor has ever been able to do that for their patients?

    I hope you feel much better soon!


    PS: I 2nd the belly shot pic. But you knew I'd say that, right? ;)

  4. HIi Joannah,
    Olivia and I see our chiropractor every 2weeks. We view it as proactive health care. When I arrived home from China with Olivia who was 10 months old, she could not sit up on her own. An adjustment on a Fri and 2nd on a Mon, she was sitting. Her hips had been out of alignment.
    I am glad you were referred this chiropractor by a friend. And that he has an office coming to you soon. Chiropractor's can look after wee children the birthing can cause stress to a wee one. Hopefully with your next treatment, you will feel real relief. It would awesome if the next few weeks, you could enjoy pain free, stress free in preparation for Michaela's arrival.
    P.S. I agree with Donna.....most people think Chiro's are quacks....not true.
    In my thougths and prayers, Joannah!!


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