Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thirty-one Weeks

Belly shot taken on Monday, March 7th

This week Michaela likely weighs more than three pounds and is eighteen inches long. However, perhaps she weighs more and is longer because the perinatalogist did say she was measuring a week ahead. I'll return to the perinatalogist on Monday for another scan, and we should have more accurate information about her size and development then.

I am benefiting from my visits to the chiropractor. I don't know that it will be a complete cure for my back problems, but it may be the best way to manage the pain.

Other pregnancy symptoms that I'm still experiencing include reflux, slow digestion, mild insomnia, leg and foot cramps, some swelling in my feet and legs, and nasal stuffiness. In addition, sometimes food just doesn't taste the way it should. I'm so hungry that it doesn't keep me from eating, though. Fruit has been particularly appealing to me, and now that strawberries are in season I'm eating a lot of them. I also crave honeydew melon and cantaloupe, and my parents brought me the sweetest oranges from a stand out in Riverside. They are so good and surprisingly they don't give me heartburn.

Today my sister and I will be meeting with my doula. I think the intention is to discuss the birth plan. She's already had me fill out a birth plan with my wishes, but I haven't shared it with her yet. As I went through the birth plan, I was happy to see that a lot of the options on it were things that my hospital does anyway. So I won't be asking for things that are unusual over there. Hoag promotes itself as being very "baby friendly", and they seem to have implemented a lot of practices that doulas and midwives advocate for.

I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Realistically we could be just six weeks from delivery, if she decides to arrive early. Please. In light of that, I think it's time that I start putting my hospital bag together. I've got a good list to guide me. Most of the things I already have here at home, but I will need to shop for a few things, too.

I had a really nice visit from a friend and her three-month old baby yesterday. Her baby is so precious, and so good. I can't wait to have Michaela in my arms!


  1. Enjoy these last few weeks! You'll miss feeling her in your belly once she is here! You look great!!!!

  2. You look beautiful pregnant! I can see, though, how thin you are, this pregnancy really has taken a toll on your body.

    I've help a few women through pregnancy and birth during grief I have found that there was a greater physical and psychological toll.

    It's especially important for you that you have a strong, stable support network in place for yourself after you give birth. Just as with an adopted child, you need to be the main caregiver for your baby and the help you receive needs to be the kind that build a coccoon around you so that all you need to do is be pampered and care for the baby. Others can do the cooking and cleaning and run errands.

    This time, the one year anniversary of Michael's death and being a new mom, leaves you particulary vulnerable; your feelings will be at the mercy of your hormones.

    To ensure that the mob doesn't descend on you like they did at the end with Michael, set your boundaries now.

    I am so excited that we will be new moms at neartly the same time! I leave for China on March 25!!!

  3. You've got the perfect little baby bump. How sweet. : )

  4. WOW Joannah!!!
    You look FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!
    Now we can't wait to see your sweet baby in your arms!!

  5. Look how cute you and your baby bump look! She's all there, right up front. Thanks for sharing.

    You are in the home stretch and I am looking forward to your great news of her arrival in a couple of months.

    Also, having a birth plan is good. It sets parameters for all to follow. Just don't be a slave to it. That she makes her way into the world healthy is the most important thing and how that happens comes in second (in my book).

  6. I am praying these last 2 months FLY by for you. I can not wait to see you holding your beautiful daughter. You look great with your baby belly!!!

  7. Joannah,
    thank you for sharing a picture of your baby belly. You look so sweet. I too am praying for you for this next few weeks, pain free, and comfort as you head towards Michaela in your arms.

  8. You look great! I am so glad that the chiropractor is helping with your back pain! I hope that the next few months go by quickly and end with a wonderful delivery!


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