Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Do You Think?

Okay, let's have a little fun!

This Saturday, I will be thirty-four weeks pregnant. Yea! I'm sure most women at this point are ready to have their babies in their arms and to put pregnancy behind them. That's how I've been feeling for months!

Anyway, when do you think baby Michaela will make her grand appearance? I'm not talking specifics - just which week of pregnancy you think will be the week.

We'll keep it simple for now, but I'm thinking about having a giveaway shortly that will be tied to guessing the most accurate birth date and time. I'll let you know more soon.


  1. How sweet that you can think about a giveaway. God's grace is covering you for sure and I am blessed reading your posts.

  2. Fun! I voted week 37. Caden was 36 weeks but really only 1 day from being 37 weeks. Us "mature" mommas have them early, and she's big already. I hope you get to meet her sooner than later!

  3. I am glad you are having some fun....and I can feel your joy. I voted 38 weeks. Be well. So many peoeple waiting for your day to have Michaela in your arms!!

  4. As much as you want to meet her, most first time Moms go over. Given your health callenges during your pregnancy, I'm hoping that's not true for you, but I voted 40 weeks because both of my girls were during the 40th week-- they liked it inside! (And as uncomfortable as I was-- it really is easier with them inside; once they're outside there's lots of nursing, changing diapers, rocking and crying) So glad that you can see the finish line!

  5. I'm going a step further and Saying May 5th... No reason, I just like the number and that will be my guess!!!

  6. I know you can not wait to have your daughter in your arms and we can not wait to see her in your arms but I think you have a good month left.
    Hugs to both of you:)


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