Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thirty Weeks

No picture this week. Oh, well. For those of you who are asking for a belly shot, I will try to do that. For now, trust me when I say I look very pregnant. I have gained about thirty pounds.

At this point, Michaela weighs over three pounds, and she will gain a half-pound per week for the next seven weeks. Yikes!

I'm still hurting. Sciatica and all that jazz. Reflux periodically that causes me to vomit. I saw the OB on Friday, and she recommended Nexium for that. She also extended my leave another three weeks. Bless her heart.

Friday morning I was feeling really weird. I had been awake from 2 o'clock to 6 o'clock in the morning the night before due to terrible back and hip pain. Then I was struck with crazy hunger pains. Got up to have a small bowl of cereal, and that brought on the reflux. By the time I got up again in the morning, I was feeling really shaky. My sweet mother came and picked me up and took me to my OB appointment because I didn't think I was fit enough to drive then. Once at the doctor's office, they checked my blood pressure and it was normal. Not sure why I was feeling so shaky, but the doctor said it could be pregnancy related.

I have to admit that I'm feeling really low. I'm so tired of not feeling well, and I've spent a lot of time by myself. Not a good combination. Seven to ten weeks to go. Lord, help me.


  1. I can only imagine how hard it has been to go through a tough pregnancy without the physical comfort and support of Michael. I think of my own perilous pregnancy (although I was not in physical pain but wracked with fear that we could lose him any day) and could NOT have gotten through it without my husband.

    I hope that with most things pregnancy related, all systems will be reset once baby girl is born. You've endured the longest haul already so you are looking at less time being uncomfortable than you've already gone through.

    It seems to me that you won't be returning to work until some time after she is born and that is probably best.

    I hope the sunshine and warmer temps life your spirits.

  2. Thank you, Victoria! I'm looking forward to this summerlike day. :)

  3. 30 weeks! You are almost there! Pregnancy is so hard on the body, and remember, it is also hard emotionally. Plus all those hormones raging through your body... I can't imagine doing it without the support of your love. :( You are doing an amazing job with this baby already, and before you know it, she will be here! Actually probably early. Caden was 36 weeks and the doc told me that early babies are common with "mature mamas", LOL. Be ready! Yay!

  4. Happy 30 weeks..
    You are getting there girly..
    And I want to see a picture of you pregnant.. I know you LOOK BEAUTIFUL..

  5. 30 weeks!! You're in the home stretch!! Glad that everything was normal at your OB visit. And, glad that your leave was extended. Wishing you relief of your painful symptoms. It can't be easy for you. Your sweet baby girl will be in your arms before you know it!!
    Love, ((Hugs)) and prayers coming your way!!
    Jan, John & Jillian Rose

  6. Sending love to you, of course, always, and in this season especially.
    COngratulations on 30 weeks, that is wonderful (31 now)
    I cannot believe a year has passed since Michael died. It does not seem possible.

    I can tell you that the shitty pregnancy symptoms do go away once the baby is born, some right away, some within weeks, some within a few months--
    I can tell you that now is a great time to reach out and make sure you are with folks who support your journey.
    I can tell you that time will continue to fly by.

    And I wish I could magically make everything wonderful right now (I know that there are wonderful things, I mean everything everything)

    love to you always.


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