Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thirty-three Weeks

These are baby pictures of Michael (on the right) and me. My mom put this together for my shower last week. We both had a lot of hair and chubby cheeks!

With Michaela measuring about two weeks ahead of schedule, I'm guessing she weighs about five-and-a-half pounds by now. She's already head down and I hope she stays that way! Her movements are pretty strong, but even though she could kick me in the ribs, she hasn't done so yet. What a good girl! One day this week, I realized she had the hiccups.

It has been so much fun going through all the gifts I received at my shower last week. My mom and my sister came over on Wednesday, and we sorted through all of the clothing grouping everything by size. My goodness! I have never seen so many beautiful baby clothes! I'm going to have to take her picture every time we change her clothes to capture the cuteness. We decided to wash the first group of smaller clothes, the bassinet and crib sheets, towels, some blankets, and a few other things so that they are ready to use. I have to thank my mom for doing that.

I have still been enduring reflux (it's truly awful!), back pain, and insomnia. My lower legs, ankles, and feet are frequently swelling up due to edema. My mom accurately remarked that they remind her of my great-grandmother's feet and ankles. I had thought the very same thing. Anyway, some days are better and some days are worse in regards to all these things. Tuesday night and Wednesday were lousy (I'll spare you the details), and I am so thankful that my mom could spend the day with me on Wednesday. I hate being alone when I don't feel well. I am very much ready to not be pregnant anymore. I just want to have my baby girl in my arms and to have my body begin to recover. At this point, I truly can see the light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. OK, your Mom and Sis rock! :) And what a fun afternoon going through the baby's things. Michaela will be here before you know it. Just think Joannah ...this time next month ...

    : )

  2. Obviously, wishing you an early delivery. ; P

  3. You are almost there! And all that reflux (and the baby pictures) means she will have a ton of hair to put adorable bows in! I hope you can rest and that she comes early (but completely healthy)!

  4. After looking at the baby pictures of you and Michael, and the most recent ultrasound picture of Michaela, it appears Michaela looks a lot like her Daddy!

  5. She must be measuring big with those big cheeks & hair! LOL! Have a great week!

  6. Great minds think alike, Shelley!

  7. Those hiccups must be hysterical!! Beautiful baby shower and beautiful photos!! Don't you just love those tiny beautiful little clothes!!!

    BTW Joannah please check your email even your junk email, there's another shower gift coming your way!! If you don't see it, please email me.

    Love, ((Hugs)) and Prayers coming your way!!!
    Jan, John & Jillian Rose

  8. Although I'm not pregnant, I had some spicy guacamole last night and was up with reflux and heartburn. I tried some baking soda with water and drank it and it did help!

    You are in the home stretch!! Hang in there!

  9. You can do this! The last few weeks are tough but when you're holding that sweet baby girl, you'll be so happy God chose you to birth her.


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