Monday, February 11, 2013

A Week of Love - True Love

Ah, Valentine's Day... My students love it. They can't wait to pass out their drugstore Valentines to one another, and get high on sugar. But once beyond the elementary school social scene, most people are ambivalent to Valentine's Day. I think Valentine's has become a Hallmark holiday - an opportunity for retailers to sell their stuff. For many people, it's a low point on the calendar, and a glaring reminder of the true love they believe is lacking in their life.

But true love has nothing to do with cards, flowers, candy, or a romantic get-away.

True love left His heavenly home and humbled Himself to become one of us.

True love healed the sick and raised the dead.

True love spoke the truth in love.

True love gave Himself on the cross as a sacrifice for my sins - and yours.

True love overcame the grave and rose again.

True love lives forever and will return one day.

True love will wipe every tear from my eyes and make all things new

True love is found at the foot of the Cross.

The world substitutes true love with things, and sometimes with people. Things break. People can break our hearts, or die (true story...).

Jesus is my true love, but I don't always love Him in return the way I should. My love for Him is distracted by my earthly desires and responsibilities. This week I'm going to attempt to write about love from a biblical perspective, and focus my heart on my true love.


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