Monday, February 18, 2013

Michaela @ Twenty-one Months

I've been provoking Michaela by practicing with my new camera. Sometimes she really doesn't appreciate having the camera pointed at her - thus the top photo. Other times, she'll ham it up for me.

This month has gotten off to a rough start for us. We've both been sick with upper respiratory infections. Our sleep has been off, and Michaela hasn't had much of an appetite. We are looking forward to spring and better health.

At twenty-one months, Michaela wears 2T or 24 months sized clothing. Her current shoe size is a 6 or 6.5, and she's in a size 4 diaper. 

The most amazing thing about this age is the language development. She tries out new words all the time, and she's stringing more phrases and short sentences together. It won't be long before we're having real conversations.

Before bedtime every night we read "Goodnight Moon". It's such a sweet time to cuddle and conclude our day. In the morning she wants to read the book to me, and she does a great job. She's got a terrific memory. I realized that what she's doing are classic pre-reading skills - things I remember doing with my first graders. She's doing a "picture walk" and telling the story as she sees it. Very exciting for her teacher mama to witness!

Twenty-one months. Bittersweet for her mama, but just perfect for her.

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