Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mama's New Toy!

I have been wanting a new camera since Michaela started walking. The cameras I have are well over five years old (probably about eight years old, actually), and they just don't work fast enough to take pictures of a busy toddler. When Michaela was littler and immobile for the most part, those cameras and my iPhone were adequate, and I do have some beautiful pictures of her from those early months.

Anyway, this camera came into my life because my friend, John of John Norling Photography, had recently purchased this camera and used it on a trip with his lovely wife, Sakura, to San Francisco. He posted the pictures he took of their trip on Facebook, and they were just great - all of his stuff is great. He has taken pictures of Michael and me, and of Michaela and me, and he just did my niece's wedding. So, yesterday morning he posted that he was selling the camera for a song, and I jumped at the chance to make it mine. I know nothing about photography, but I've got this incredibly beautiful subject and it would be a shame to let her childhood pass by without taking more photos.

John brought it by the house, and gave me a crash course on how to use it. I'm sure I will be picking his brain as I get more familiar with what it can do. Today, I hope to get some time to practice using it.

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  1. Lisa just gifted me her old canon dslr for my birthday. It's a nice camera but I also have NO idea how to use it. I'm thinking about taking a beginner's photography class justq sou can at least learn the basics.


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