Monday, July 13, 2015

Fixed Up Again

No, I have not been set up on a date. That's a topic for another post...

I'm talking about Stitch Fix!

I gave up Stitch Fix for a while late last fall. However, I decided to resume the service after booking an Alaskan cruise a few months ago. More about the cruise later (it's not until August)! Stitch Fix has a feature whereby you can send a note to your stylist prior to your fix with any requests or pertinent information. I made sure Ashlyn knew where I was going, and that I hoped she could help me put some appropriate things together.

I will tell you now that she did a fantastic job and I kept all five pieces in this fix! That was a first, I believe. In doing so, I received a 25% discount off my entire purchase. That made the overall cost very reasonable.

Here's what I received:

This is the Mo-Ka Simon Lightweight Jacket. My pictures don't show the color accurately in my opinion. In person, the blue is much darker. Anyway, everything I've read about traveling in Alaska says layers are essential, and to expect some precipitation. While I do plan to take a warmer jacket, this will work if it's not too cold. I wore this on several mornings at the end of the school year when it was cool and foggy, and it was perfect for that type of weather.

This is the Ivy Mini Tulip Print Blouse by Pixley. Not only will this work for the trip, it's perfect for school. I wore it two or three times before school got out.

And this combination is the Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee by Market & Spruce with the Octavia Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf. I love how this coordinates well with the jacket. This is the second infinity scarf Ashlyn has sent me, and I have loved both of them.

Not pictured is a pair of Catherine Boyfriend Jeans by Kut From The Kloth. This is the third pair of jeans she's sent me from that label, and they are my favorite pairs of jeans. Whenever I'm at Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, or TJ Maxx, I'm always on the lookout for more pairs because they fit me so well.

A few weeks later I received another box from Stitch Fix. This time around I only kept two pieces. I'm not sure that they will make the cruise wardrobe, but I know I will get use out of them for other occasions.

First, there was the Lurai Crew Neck Blouse by Market & Spruce:

These bright colors look great with the boyfriend jeans, or a dark skirt. It's definitely a piece I will incorporate into my work wardrobe.

And this is the Cher Dress by Donna Morgan:

I really like these colors for summer, and the fit is very flattering. It's something I'd wear to church in the warm months, or a summer wedding. It will/would travel well, too. It's a polyester knit, and it probably won't wrinkle much.

In addition to the dress and the blouse, there was a gorgeous maxi dress that wasn't flattering on me (sad face), a pair of black skinny jeans that were too small, and an asymmetrical zip-up cardigan that I didn't care for at all.

I have one more fix scheduled before my cruise. I've asked Ashlyn to find me a new pair of black jeans, a red handbag, and a statement necklace that would compliment a black dress. I can't wait to see what she sends me in the next week or so.

Have you been on an Alaskan cruise before? If so, what clothing items were essential for you?

Note: Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. For a $20 styling fee, you will receive five pieces from which you can choose to keep something, everything, or nothing. To make your Stitch Fix more successful, you need to complete your style profile and give your stylist detailed feedback about the things she chooses for you. The link above is my referral code. Should you choose to sign up for Stitch Fix using that code, I will receive a $25 credit toward my account.


  1. The secret to loading your blog is my phone.
    I love all those pieces and the colours are smashing. Have never been on an Alaskan cruise but just got back from another Carribean one

    1. Dawn, I think it's the new blog design that makes it load faster. I have noticed a HUGE difference on my end since Faith installed it yesterday. I hope you'll blog about your Caribbean cruise. I'd love to do that sometime. :)

    2. Indeed I will. I literally got off the ship, unpacked, re packed and just got home today


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