Friday, July 24, 2015

That Darn Cat!

Our cat has the funkiest (and I mean that in the best way) personality of any cat I've ever had. He is hilarious. This was after dinner this evening while I was cleaning up the kitchen. Maybe the crockpot was still a little warm, but he found it to his liking and settled in for a while.

He had a little operation last week, and unfortunately had a minor complication a few days later. We took him to the ER late one night and, although his issue was minor, when the vet offered to have Koa stay overnight, I agreed. We picked him up the next morning, and the vet tech who brought him out to us said he was the "coolest cat in the hospital" and he didn't want him to go home. Yep, that's Koa!

The last cat I had was kind of a neurotic mess, so it's refreshing to live with a cat that's so cool. I have learned that there is a plus to picking an adult feline over a kitten, and that is that their temperament is easier to see in the short time you have with them at the shelter. All kittens are super cute, but what are they going to be like when they are a cat? Only time will tell.

When he's not hanging out in the crockpot, he's following us around, initiating affection, begging for food, or napping on my bed.

Michaela calls him "Smudgy Face". He puts up with a lot from her with much patience, but also watches over her in an almost dog-like way.

I'm kinda crazy about that darn cat. He's my kitty boy and my buddy.


  1. What a funny kitty! I love the blog's new look! It's been so many years since I've blogged (can you believe that is how we met?) but after reading all of your posts I'm inspired to blog again! Maybe. ;) I am so excited to follow along on your cruise, when you are within internet range anyway. Will you be posting anything on facebook about it or not until school starts again? So proud of your sticking to your facebook hiatus and I'm glad you are enjoying your summer!

    1. Thanks, April! I miss the days when you and some of my FB friends were blogging. I've been visiting new blogs and trying to reach out and get to know some new peeps.

      I will get back on FB about the time we leave for our cruise. I will post when we're in port and my connection is FREE. :)


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