Thursday, July 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Last night we celebrated my dad's 77th birthday. Shamefully, I didn't take any pictures. I don't think any of us did. (Note to self, start taking more pictures!) It was one of the best family gatherings we've had in a long time. Very relaxed and joyful.

My dad is an amazing septuagenarian. He's very active - like uses his gym membership, and tries to walk 10,000 steps a day active. I got him a FitBit for his birthday last year! He reads stacks of books (usually about history, or the Bible). His favorite hobby is building model airplanes and flying them out in the IE every Wednesday morning at the crack o' dawn.

In addition, he and my mom provide care for Michaela when I'm working, and he's my go-to handyman for various needs around the house.

When you start a conversation with my dad, and inquire how he is, he'll usually reply, "I'm excellent." He's got a great attitude, and a good sense of humor.

Basically, he's a great guy and a wonderful dad and granddad. We are blessed.

Happy birthday, Dad!

Father's Day

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  1. He sounds like a truly lovely man both you and Michaela are blessed to call him yours


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