Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer Shopping

Since I became a mother, there are certain things for Michaela that I make a point of shopping for during my summer vacation.

First, since September and October (and usually November) can have really hot weather here in Southern California, I shop for a new set of summer-type clothes for her. Her shorts are still in good condition usually, but her tops and tanks can be stained and faded from summer activities and washings. Thankfully, some of my favorite places to shop for her will have big sales and clearances on their summer clothing, and I'll be able to update her wardrobe with some cute things for preschool.

Here are some such Gymboree pieces (via Zulily) that I was able pick up deeply discounted in late June:

I probably could have found those items in store had we gone out shopping together, but the convenience of shopping online is hard to beat. I will say that I cross-checked the prices between Zulily and Gymboree for the same items, and Zulily had them for less.

Of course she'll be in need of new sandals and enclosed shoes (a must for school!) when school begins, too. Once again, I have frequent luck on Zulily, but I also like for discounted shoes. Here's what we have stashed in the closet for early fall:

I love a good deal on shoes. I try to find deals between $20 and $25. Michaela has very long and narrow feet, and I've found the brands most likely to fit her well are Stride Rite and Pediped. Sometimes that means I have to spend a little bit more, but I can usually hold out until they are featured on Zulily or find them discounted on

So, as you can probably tell, I am a discount shopper. I do like certain brands, but I will not pay full price. I couldn't care less about designer kids clothes. I like to get Michaela's tops for as close to $5 or less as possible, pants or jeans for around $10, and dresses for about $15. She just outgrows things too quickly to spend more than that. Most of her pieces get six months (or less) wear before she outgrows them, stains them, or the seasons change.

Some of my favorite places to shop for her clothes are Crazy8 and Gymboree - which are part of the same corporation. I like their designs because I think they honor the innocence and whimsy of childhood, and for the quality of their items. In particular, Gymboree has excellent quality and a good resell value.

I'll share more about resell value and shopping for gently used (and new!) clothing for kids in an upcoming post.

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