Sunday, July 19, 2015

July Stitch Fix Review

So this was my third Stitch Fix since I resumed my subscription with them in May. As I've mentioned, we're going on an Alaskan cruise next month and I was hopeful that my stylist, Ashlyn, would be able to help me find a few things with that in mind.

Here's what Ashlyn had to say about her selections:

I was kind of bummed that there were no white skinny jeans for me, but I do have a pair of white straight leg jeans that will work just fine. So let's take a look at the black skinnies she did send me...

That's the Liverpool Sienna Pull-on Legging. Stitch Fix calls it the Mira Skinny Jean, but the jeans are labeled with the former description. I wish you could feel the fabric on these! It's a nice weight - heavy enough for a cool day. There's a lot of give in the fabric, so they are easy to move in. The waistline has no button or zipper. They simply pull on. Check out the tag:

Kind of like maternity jeans, but way better! I know these are going to be very forgiving if when I gain some weight on that cruise. Ha! I wouldn't mind having these pants in other colors. I think I'd wear them a lot.

I did try them on, but I decide not to take any pictures of myself modeling them. We'd had a crazy day running around town, cleaning house, and it was raining. I was kind of a mess by the time the mail was delivered. 

The next clothing item was Fun2Fun Walden V-Neck Blouse:

In case you can't tell, the blouse is fuchsia. Like I said above, it was a rainy day and the natural light in my room was poor. I'm not sure if this is going to make the cruise wardrobe, but I will wear it a lot for work. It's a pretty (but basic) piece that can be worn with jeans, or dressed up with a skirt.

I haven't had much luck with maxi dresses up to this point, but I think the Loveappella Carlita Maxi Dress is a good one for me:

I really like the top of the dress, and the colors are some of my favorites to wear. Not sure I will take it on the cruise, but I might... Nevertheless, it's something that I will wear for family dinners, moms' night out, and maybe even church.

The next couple of items are accessories. This is the Julissa Woven Clutch by Street Level:

I think it is a really cute clutch, but it's pretty small. I usually carry a hobo-style bag for all the stuff I schlep around. However, this will be nice for those times when I don't need so much stuff. The card that goes with the clutch says it's "A must have, night out essential" All-righty then! I guess I need to get out more often...

Lastly, is the Kiana Gem Shield Necklace from Bay to Baubles:

The picture doesn't do it justice. It's really much prettier in person, and the true color is pink. I am always late to the party with trends, and so this is my very first statement necklace. I had recently come to the realization that I need to purchase fewer long necklaces, and more necklaces that highlight my collarbone area. 

This was my eleventh Stitch Fix, and like my ninth Stitch Fix it was practically perfect - so I kept everything. I probably would have sent back a couple of items (the clutch and the necklace), but when factoring in the 25% discount for keeping all five items it just didn't make sense to send anything back.

I've changed the settings on the frequency of my fixes to every other month for the time being, and pushed it back a month. So my next Stitch Fix will arrive in early October.

Note: Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. For a $20 styling fee, you will receive five pieces from which you can choose to keep something, everything, or nothing. Your styling fee goes toward your purchase total. To make your Stitch Fix more successful, you need to complete your style profile on the Stitch Fix website, and give your stylist detailed feedback about the things she chooses for you. The links above are my referral code. Should you choose to sign up for Stitch Fix using that code, I will receive a $25 credit toward my account.

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