Saturday, May 29, 2010

All Worked Up

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes regarding my job situation. It's been a tough couple of weeks. First of all, learning that I wasn't given a primary grade position for the coming year as I'd requested, and then that I was expected to move out of my classroom into another. I took it hard. I've been at my present school for twelve years, and I've taught the same grade for eleven of those years. I am ready to do something new, but I seem to be pigeonholed as a fourth grade teacher.

So, I figured if I was going to be expected to move out of my classroom that I might as well seek a primary grade position at another school within my school district. On Monday, I filled out a transfer application, and then I made some phone calls. The phone calls led to two interviews at two different schools, but they were both for second grade teaching positions. I think I interviewed well and I hope to receive an invitation to teach at one of the schools sometime next week.

I really wish this wasn't something I have to deal with now. Grief is hard work, let me tell you. The last thing I want to do is spend my precious energy on interviewing and packing up my classroom - especially since I'm on a leave of absence which was supposed to eliminate my work-related stress. My hope is that as difficult as this is, that the Lord will direct my steps towards a school and a position that will give me the chance to have a positive impact on my students, but less conflict and stress in the workplace.


  1. I so hope that the outcome of all this is a positive one. I can say from experience that teaching second grade is fantastic. I think you will love it if that's where you end up!

  2. I can also tell you from experience that 2nd grade was my absolute favorite grade to teach!! I am praying that you will hear something soon and that you will be able to have an answer. It seems the not knowing is often even more stressful - and you certainly do not need any added stress. I am so sorry this has all happened during this stage of your journey. I pray for wonderful changes for your teaching career! Sarah

  3. Sweet Joannah,
    I hope you find a school that is a great fit, and that all the BS at your current school can be left behind you.

    sending big love,


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