Thursday, May 6, 2010


I went to church last night after spending a lot of the day feeling blue. Before I could even sit down and set my things down, a pretty young woman approached me. She had the tiniest baby on her hip, and I knew who she was right away even though we hadn't met before. It was Pastor Ray's wife Serena.

She sat down with me and told me that they pray for me every day. She said she was heartbroken to hear about what had happened to Michael, especially since we'd been married for such a short time, and that she'd seen the video tribute to him online. She commented on how handsome and talented he was, and then she said something that really touched my heart. She said that she is looking forward to meeting him someday. I must have looked surprised because she quickly clarified that she was looking forward to meeting him when she gets to Heaven.

The service started about that time and we so said our goodbyes, but I was left with a good feeling because she will get to meet Michael someday.


  1. May God comfort you as you "walk this way". I lost my husband two years ago after being married for 43 years. It truly does get better but at the time I didn't really believe that. But it is true. God if faithful. Hang in there and keep pressing on!


  2. OK I love this! What a beautiful (and true) thing to say. I look forward to meeting him too! Oh, the party we will have in heaven!!

  3. OMW.. I am sitting here crying my eyes out.. .YOU two are soooo BEAUTIFUL.. I can totally see what an AMAZING person Michael is.. He will be waiting for all of us and we will party like no other.. LOVE YOU BIG my friend.. wish I lived closer..


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