Thursday, August 26, 2010


I added a Facebook button in my sidebar a few days ago. I had one friend request because of that the other day, but because I didn't recognize the name I didn't accept the request. Then I saw that the person had sent me a message explaining that she was a reader of the blog. Oops! Sorry about that. I would be happy to friend you. I just didn't make the connection before I responded to your request.


  1. You must be talking about me. :)

    Thanks, I'll try again.

  2. Yes, Jeannie! It was you. All figured out now. :)

  3. I also asked a while ago, I will ask you to be friends. I am praying that you will soon find out that you are pregnant.


  4. How are you feeling, Joannah? I've been praying for you. Grow cells, GROW! Please become a little baby!


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