Monday, August 16, 2010

IVF #2, Day 8

In the last couple of days, I've developed four more measurable follicles. That brings the follicle count up to seven as of this morning. In addition, there were at least two follicles too small to measure in both ovaries. At this point during my first IVF, I also had seven measurable follicles. So things are progressing much the same as before.

Because the follicles in my right ovary are rather large in size, the doctor would like to start seeing me every day now instead of every other day. I'm taking an injectible medication to prevent premature ovulation. I'm thinking egg retrieval might happen sooner than next week, but I don't know anything for sure.

So far I'm feeling pretty good. I know as I get closer to the egg retrieval that things will be pretty tender in my lower abdomen. I guess that means I should get the things that need to be done around here done sooner rather than later.

Saw one SAAB on my drive home. ;)


  1. Dear joannah,
    Spotted a deep burgundy convertible Saab first thing this morning and thought of you. Surely a good sign?!! Hoping and praying for a successful IVC cycle.


  2. is coming down to the wire! Can't wait for your news of trigger then retrieval.

    Hang in there. You are doing great.

  3. LOVE YOU ...
    Thinking of you BIG TIME..

  4. Praying, and I loved the SAAB story! :)

  5. Praying for you! And I think of you everytime I see a SAAB now!



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