Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Treasure Found

This morning I got a call from one of Michael's brothers who is in town for a couple of days. I haven't seen him since Michael's memorial service. He's staying with Michael's parents and he asked me to come over for dinner tonight. I gladly accepted, happy to see them all and have something other than cereal for dinner.

I had been thinking that when I saw this brother again that I wanted to give him Michael's iPod. I guess I was under the impression that the only things on Michael's iPod were favorite CDs of his. As I was getting it together, I had this sense that I wasn't doing the right thing. I tried to brush the feeling off, but I couldn't. So, I plugged the iPod into a speaker thingy of Michael's and started to look at the things that were on it.

I'm so glad I did that because I realized that in addition to playlists of Stevie Wonder, Pat Metheny, and Steely Dan were some really special things - voice recordings like him singing a bass line in the car, most of his original recordings, live recordings of groups he played with (he recorded them on the iPod during a set), a live recording of a concert we went to at the Disney Concert Hall in 2006, and a live recording of us during a church service in 2005 with him accompanying me on acoustic guitar and background vocals. That is especially precious to me as I always wanted to collaborate and perform with him, but we were rarely able to do so. Sigh...

Instead of the iPod, Michael's brother will be getting a few of Michael's t-shirts from his extensive collection, and I will cherish the treasures on this iPod for a long time to come.


  1. What a TREASURE indeed. So, glad you listened to your instinct (that's why it's there) and checked it out first. It must have been heart breaking and heart warming all at once.

  2. What a great treasure.... I am so happy for you.

    Is there any way to back the music up or make another copy in case the ipod gets damaged or lost?

  3. I was thinking the same thing. I'd check with someone how to back it up, make a copy or something so that you don't lose that. All of the treasures on there will be priceless for you, always. I would never want you to not have that.

    They will likely bring you great comfort and joy. It sounds like the recordings are little jewels from heaven. You listened to your heart and uncovered them! Praise God. I am so happy that you found them.
    Hugs, Sarah

  4. Good point, ladies! I will look into getting these files backed up. :)

  5. Oh, and if you made a back up you could share the file with your brother in law (via a flash drive) then he could have a copy of his own treasure.

  6. If you back it up to the computer with iTunes it will sync to the computer and you'll have a copy on the hard drive. Your BIL could sync to that computer with his iPod (or to a folder you set up with specific songs/recordings).

  7. What a beautiful find! Be sure to back up the data somewhere so you never lose it. :)


  8. Awe, Joannah, this post just melts my heart! What a special gift Michael has given you (even when he probably had no idea he was going to do so). You are never far from my thoughts and prayers, sweet friend :)


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