Tuesday, August 17, 2010

IVF #2, Day 9

As of this morning there were still seven measurable follicles, with two or three of them being rather large. My estrogen levels have been rising at a good rate, and Dr. D thinks egg retrieval might be as soon as Saturday or Sunday. So things are progressing more quickly than they did my first IVF by two or three days. I think he's trying to put off ER as long as he can in hopes that we get more follicles to mature. Obviously the more mature eggs that can be retrieved, the more chances there are to be successful.

I'm going back in tomorrow morning for another ultrasound.

Saw two SAABs on my drive there and back this morning, and as soon as I get this IVF paid for I'm going to buy a SAAB station wagon. Just feels like the thing to do.


  1. sounds like good things are happening in there..
    And I think you should buy a Saab also.
    LOVE YA..
    Come on babies.. get to growing..

  2. Sorry your tummy is so bruised.....but good things are happening and these bruises are your badges of honour.
    My dear friend who lives 7 houses down from us has 2 bright red Saabs. Now I think of you each time I pass her house.

  3. Praying for you tomorrow that you will get awesome results on your ultrasound!
    Also...that you will see more Saabs!

    Blessings to you.

  4. Joannah,

    I've been lurking. I hope this IVF is successful and YES buy a SAAB!


  5. Hoping that all continues to go well. The bruised belly sounds painful, but worth it in the end!!! At least that is what I am praying for you. Yes, buying a SAAB will be a fantastic idea. Keeping you in prayer, Sarah


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