Sunday, September 19, 2010


I'm up in the middle of the night scouring the Internet for information because the breast tenderness is gone. I haven't felt it all day Saturday. I only found a few references to it being something that can come and go as hormone levels change, but a few anecdotal references were that it preceded miscarriage.

Then it dawned on me that another symptom I'd been experiencing was vaginal secretions (I know TMI), and I didn't experience those yesterday either.

I'm going to call the RE's office in the morning, but I'm pretty sure they will make me wait until my appointment on Tuesday for an ultrasound and the answer only it can give us.

Sigh. . .

Just spoke with a nurse. She said they frequently hear about both of my concerns, and not to worry. Hormones fluctuate, and symptoms can come and go in a healthy pregnancy. I'll go in as scheduled on Tuesday morning. I guess that makes me feel better, but I can hardly wait for Tuesday's ultrasound so I really know what's going on.


  1. Oh Joannah, you poor thing!!! This must be so nerve wrecking, I totally understand your concern! However, the symptoms coming and going are completely natural...I have heard many women have the same concerns only to show up for the appointment and see a healthy thriving growing baby inside them with a strong heartbeat! It's so hard to trust that everything is ok inside when we have no way of knowing and the only outward symptoms dissappear. I hope that your sleeping again by now and that somehow you were able to get through the night. You will get through this pregnancy with Gods Grace, just as you have with everything else. xoxoxoxoxox

  2. I second Kim's comments. My symptoms came and went but all was well with baby. I think part of what happens is that we are so conscious of every possible symptom that any change whatsoever is noticeable and sets off alarms. I remember waking up at around 7 weeks and feeling totally energized when I'd been near zombie-like exhausted in the preceding weeks. Within 2 days I was back to exhausted. The baby was fine. Still, it's hard to wait for that confirmation. I hope you were able to get back to sleep.

  3. No matter how right the previous comments are, I know you will only find solace in an ultrasound. Here's to hoping that you can get in earlier.

  4. I hope you can get an appointment soon. I know that is the only way you'll feel better.

  5. Found your blog through another IF blog. I hope you don't mind if I follow along with your pregnancy; I'm so happy for you!

    About the worrisome symptoms, I spent my entire pregnancy in fear of miscarriage or stillbirth. My RE and my OB told me the following... repeatedly! "If you don't have severe cramping, spotting or pain, then relax. Everything is fine." I relied on that sentence almost every day. Hang in there. Thinking of you and hoping the ultrasound can happen soon!

  6. Joannah!!! I'll be praying!!!! Love you!! Janine XO

  7. Hey Joannah, what they don't tell you is that worrying is a symptom of pregnancy too. I don't think I ever had a moment of not worrying during my entire pregnancy with Gillian. I'm so glad your fears have been allayed for now.

    The two symptoms that caused me the most alarm was a little light spotting (rightly so, but it ended up being nothing) ...and the sharp pain I got in my abdomen one day while power walking. I learned later when your uterus stretches to accommodate a little person, that you may get sharp, shooting pains in your belly. Who knew? Not me. I thought for sure it was a bad sign. People don't tell you these things and what to expect. Oy! ; )

  8. Praying for you and your precious little baby too. Bring on Tuesday!

  9. Praying!! I am sure it is just hormone fluctuations, like everyone said, but I hope you can get in asap to alleviate your fears! :)

  10. After going through what you (& so many of us dealing with IF) have gone through - it is impossible to not notice ever possible nuance, Joannah. Holding the best possible hope for some peace, xoxoxo

  11. The increased secretions are something many women experience throughout the pregnancy. They can even have a stong musky smell, compared to what your normal non-pregnant is.

    I know this pregnancy is the most precious thing to you and that you're on high alert and will propably stay that way to the end.

    If you can, remember to pray whenever you feel worried, even if you end up praying dozens of times a day. Turn it over to the Lord as much as you can, but as Shelley said, worrying is a symptom of pregnancy, too!

  12. I am so with you in all ways-
    and all your commenters are right-- things come and go, EXCEPT THE WORRY, worry and fear suck rocks.

    Hoping for some instantaneous relief at tomorrow's ultrasound.

    (once you're at 10 weeks, write to me- I have a doppler I will send you with love).


  13. Don't get stressed out..
    Keep the faith.. Tuesday is around the corner..
    wish I could do something..
    Love ya..

  14. Hey Joannah! Earlier in my current pregnany, I lost the few symptoms I had. I even had very heavy spotting for 9 days between my 5-7 weeks. I did like you--searched the web to find out what it all meant. After reading numerous websites, I had myself fully convinced I was in the middle of another miscarriage... As you know, I was wrong. Dr. Google failed me and caused me much unnecessary stress. So, if possible, I would avoid internet searches. Your ultrasound tomorrow will be here before you know it. And, *fingers crossed* you may be far enough along to see his/her precious heartbeat :)


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