Friday, September 24, 2010


I am feeling so lousy, and I hear that's a good thing.

While I haven't "tossed my cookies", I am continually queasy. I have to have a piece of candy or a little something to eat all the time. However, there is very little in the way of food that appeals to me right now. I'm craving fresh fruit, and I go through a lot of Trader Joe's organic apple slices and fruit salad from Bristol Farms.

The hunger pangs are more like hunger pains - very intense! I cannot believe how hungry I am and how often I am hungry. Then when I try to eat something, I can only eat a very small portion.

And my digestion is all messed up. Enough said.

I had a terrible night last night and called for a substitute teacher early this morning. I've already managed to catch up on a few hours sleep.

I understand this will get better in a few weeks, but it stinks right now.


  1. Take umbrage in the idea that in just a short while, you'll not only feel better but may have a burst of energy as the morning sickness fog lifts. : )

  2. Exactly :) You will feel better soon and those cravings are a great thing. Try preggie pops in the ginger flavor, it will help to settle your stomach in the mornings. I used to suck on one right before I sat up and it always helped. As for digestion, you can take antacids and I found the only thing that helped was the generic Zantac.

  3. Ginger is great...worked for me! I used to suck on ginger candy. Isn't it funny how feeling terrible can be a good thing! I know you feel horrid, but I would be much more worried if you felt great. It is hard to feel miserable though, and not have your hubby there to take care of you. :( I'm sorry for that, friend.

  4. BIG HUGZ... hoping the qweezy goes away soon...
    Love ya..

  5. You are in good company because I read in People today that Kelly Preston's only real craving has been for fresh fruit.

    Enjoy this assurance (well, enjoy isn't the right word, but you get it) that your pregnancy is progressing (although conversely don't freak if this goes away).

    Hope you have an uneventful but eventfully pregnant weekend.

  6. Women used to tell me that I'd feel better once I threw up. I never believed it. Every day that I didn't throw up was a victory. (Never did, but man, that queasy feeling is the pits.) For the first few months, I always gave myself permission to eat anything that sounded good. For awhile it was McDonalds cheeseburgers and fries. Seriously. And we live in a town with no McDs. I would make excuses to drive to Morro Bay just to hit the drive-thru. :-)
    Hang in there, Mamacita!


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