Tuesday, September 7, 2010

IVF #2, Beta #2

Today's beta level was 513 and the nurse said that was good. Beta levels are supposed to double every 48-72 hours, so I'm in the pocket. My progesterone has also increased from 17 to 31 due to the additional amount in my nightly injection.

I will repeat the beta test on Thursday and Saturday. If all continues to progress, then I will have my first ultrasound next Monday.

I woke up at a quarter to three this morning and I couldn't go back to sleep because I was SO hungry. I had to get up and eat a bowl of cereal! I never eat in the middle of the night, so I'm guessing that has something to do with the pregnancy. Other than that, I'm feeling good.


  1. YEA.. I sooo cannot wait for Monday.. I am guessing 2.. like I have said for awhile.. a boy and a girl..

  2. Congratulations Joannah! I've lurked here a bit and saw your good news on kate's blog.

    What wonderful news for you :)

  3. I have been waiting for this update. So happy everything is going well. Cant wait till Monday.
    Take care of yourself and I will keep praying for you.


  4. Wow...I've been waiting and checking and was beginning to worry as the day progressed.

    So glad that all is well.

    Grow baby(ies) grow!

  5. 1. Congratulations on the beautiful beta!

    2. Progesterone level is awesome!

    3. Get used to eating at all hours of the night. When morning sickness hits, you will likely have a pocket of time in which you can stomach food (and it might be weird food, too). Take advantage of that time...even if it's 3:00am.

    4. I was partial to Cheerios (plain).

  6. YAY!!!!!!!!!! Just YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! And keep some snacks in your desk! ;)

  7. I was out of town and unplugged for the holiday weekend so just now seeing your news. I'm so incredibly happy for you! Congratulations! This is the best thing I've heard in awhile. Exciting!!!

  8. That's fantastic news Joannah! I can't explain just how excited I am for you. Hugz! It's amazing to celebrate another one of God's amazing answered prayers!

  9. I'm normally a lurker on your blog, but I'm so happy for you that I had to comment. I am praying for you and your little one(s) and that God will keep them safe and healthy until you meet them nine months from now. All the best!

  10. Sweet music to my ears!!! xoxoxoxox

  11. Oh my gosh, this is the most exciting news I've heard all week!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooopeeeeeee. Congratulations, and I'm pulling for you.

  12. WONDERFUL numbers Joannah!

    Oh, I am so excited for you!

  13. So glad that your beta is doubling; that's great news! Praying that the wonderful trend continues and that you get to see a picture of your beautiful baby (or babies) on Monday. (Did your doctor warn you that it's an internal u/s? Just wanted to make sure that you're prepared). Have you looked at this chart? http://www.betabase.info/showBasicChart.php?type=Twin You just might have twins in there! Sending happy thoughts and lots of prayers for a sticky baby (or babies)!

  14. SO happy for you!
    I also wanted to share with you that I miscarried the baby before my Cole and while undergoing all the Beta/Progesterone tests for Cole I had to do extra injections to raise it, however, it never went up. The progesterone levels showed a pregnancy that was not thriving for the next few months. On Oct 29, Cole Matthew (a gift from God) was born, against the odds.

    Praying your baby marches forward until in your arms!

  15. Great news so loving reading that your feeling some new signs of change eat away girl your are eating for more then one.

  16. Absolutely thrilling!!!! I'm praying!!!! Love you!!! Janine XO

  17. OH, WOW, Joannah! I read ultrasound, and my heart just jumped! I have the biggest smile on my face. I am more excited for you than you will ever even know. Mom, Chris, and Jolene are SO happy for you, too!


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