Saturday, September 18, 2010

Six Weeks

"They" say I'm six weeks pregnant today. My only symptoms are afternoon fatigue and tender breasts, and sometimes in the afternoon on my way home from work I am so hungry. Oh, and I have to get up multiple times a night to pee. Fun times. I've not had any morning sickness. My acupuncturist says that's neither here nor there. You either have it, or you don't. Not to worry. I'm still going to see her twice a week through the first trimester.

I guess I'd also say that I've been feeling irritable. If only I ruled the world, everything would be so much better. You know? ;) But I can't really say that is a pregnancy symptom. Maybe I'm just cranky from having to get up so incredibly early every morning to get to work on time.

Speaking of work. . .

My class seems to be a nice group of kids, and none of their parents has struck me as being crazy, unreasonable, or otherwise difficult to deal with. And that's a huge plus. I can handle almost anything when it comes to the kids. They're just kids, after all. It's their weird parents that send me over the edge. In the past I've had parents yell at me, chase me out to my car after school, threaten me, send me mean-spirited nasty notes, etc. Some people are insane, and I hate it when their kids end up in my class. Crazy people should home school. I'm not saying that people who home school are crazy. I just think crazy people should definitely home school. Trouble is, they probably don't know they're crazy. Shoot!

So far, I've got lots of parent volunteers and I'm plugging them in to help out anyway they can. Many hands make light work. My class is full - 32 students. I also take an additional seven students for math everyday. We're crammed in like sardines at that time. I still don't understand why K-3 classrooms can have no more than 24 students in them, but somehow it's okay for fourth and fifth grade classrooms to be jam packed. I guess the fourth and fifth graders weren't cute enough to pull on the heart strings of the politicians who came up with California's class-size reduction program, or something like that. See what I mean about being cranky?

Ah. . .

So now my sweet little post about being six week pregnant has morphed into a rant about work.


I'll conclude with an amazing picture of a baby at six weeks:

Isn't it just incredible that so much development takes place in such a short period of time?


  1. Congrats on the 6 weeks of pregnancy. Sounds like all is going as it should. I hope the morning sickness stays away. With Gillian, I didn't start getting it until I was in my 9th or 10th. I smuggly thought I got out of getting it and then one day it hit me. Never actually got ill, just felt like I would. But everyone's different. Keep a box of Saltines with you just in case.

    And btw, irritability is a huge symptom caused by hormonal shifts. Rich can attest to that. ; )

    Glad you don't have any whack-a-do parents this year. They've been brutal in the past. It's crazy how big the classes are this year. Charlotte's 1st grade class does have 30 kids this year. Parental support is so important.

    Have a fun and restful Saturday.



  2. Babies are such a miracle! And I am with Shelly...I never got sick until later in the pregnancy...right around 11-12 weeks along.

    I've always said that parents can be the best...or WORST part of teaching! What a blessing that you have so many helpers! But that is an insanely large class. :( While I don't love the lower salaries of private Christian schools, I do adore the much smaller class sizes!

  3. look at those little fingers. That is what you have to keep your mide around. Soon you will begin to look pregnant everyone will know and it will amaze you how nice those meen people can be to you when your pregnant. I experenaced it just becoming a Mom but it is waring off. The beginning of the school year makes us all cranky.

  4. I never had one moment of nausea but they say that it usually doesn't start earlier than 6 weeks, so you never know.

    So glad to see this post from you and to know that you are coming along. I am still wondering whether there are two in there and the other might make itself known this'll see soon enough :)

    Hoping for an excellent ultrasound!

  5. Happy 6 weeks my friend..
    I am sooooo happy for you ..
    Love the photo..
    Amazing how they can grow inside of us..
    LOVE YA..

  6. My dear, I know I'm crazy and that is why I homeschool. :-)
    I called my baby "Peanut" at this stage... Are you going to find out the gender? I need to know "who" to shop for!!
    As far as morning sickness goes- it means nothing as to how your pregnancy is going, so be grateful every day that you feel good!
    Love you!

  7. You are amazing and your life is truly a blessing to all of us whom you've allowed to share in your journey! Thinking of you and loving you! Bless you ~ Leigh

  8. No way!!!! That picture just floored me. Seriously floored me. I though they were still just teeny little dots at this point. Oh man, sounding completely ignorant, I know, but I've never been pregnant, so I guess I just never learned about this stuff.

    Sending huge hugs.

  9. When you first posted your ultrsound picture, I grabbed my copy of A Child is Born and looked at the pictures of development, too. Hard to imagine all the parts that have formed when the baby is still less than 1 cm long!

    I hope you get a P.O. Box so we can all send you things as you go along. They are affordable. Then it'd be like a world-wide babyshower!


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