Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seven Weeks

Fetal Development at Seven Weeks

I remember watching In the Womb with Michael last year, and we were both amazed by how quickly everything happens.

At seven weeks:
  • elbows form
  • fingers start to develop
  • feet start to appear with tiny notches for the toes
  • ears, eyes, and the nose start to appear
  • intestines start to form in the umbilical cord
  • teeth begin to develop under the gums
It's absolutely incredible, and I don't see how anyone can say that life doesn't begin at conception. It obviously does.

I'm afraid to jinx myself, but I must say that I'm feeling better this morning - first time in a week. Nevertheless, I will be talking to a nurse sometime today about the queasiness because I just can't function when I feel that way. On the days I've felt queasy, it's stayed with me all day long. It's really hard to do my job, or anything else for that matter, when I feel sick.

Update: Was just given permission from the RE's office to take Unisom and B6 in the evenings for my queasiness. When I first spoke with the nurse (one I don't know), she was telling me all the things I already knew and have tried. Then she told me to drink smoothies, and I told her that Dr. Pak does not want me having anything cold this trimester. She poo pooed that. So, I was a bit frustrated after talking to her. Then she called back and told me that Tori (the most wonderful nurse ever!), said I could take the Unisom and B6 combination for my sickness. Thank you, Tori!!! I hope it helps.


  1. Life is amazing..
    Love the photo..
    Glad you have something you can take.. I was very lucky to not have any of that while pregnant with all 3..

  2. You're preaching to the choir here and I FEEL for you! I am the worst pregnant person as I am sick ALL DAY every day from about 7 weeks to week 28... and then it lifts to about every other day. Ugh.
    I hope you have success with the Unisom thing, It worked for me to the point where I could at least function a bit during the day but then it seemed to wear off.
    I heard eaing a 1/4 cup of legumes too... each time you feel sick. Have you heard that??

  3. Today is ultrasound day!!!!!! So excited for you! Praying for a healthy, happy heart will take your breath away!


  4. So glad you have something you can take now!!! Wonderful!!! And I continue to pray for everything to go well!!!! Love you!! Janine XO

  5. I used this combo for three of my four pragnancies and it worked great. Hope it does the same for you.


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