Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Work Woes

On Monday I was encouraged to believe that there were several openings within the district, and that it was likely I would receive a transfer this afternoon.

But that has not happened.

I had another long conversation with my contact in HR this afternoon, and she said there's still a chance, but it could be at the last minute, or even after school has started.

I am so disheartened.

My parents and the school custodian loaded up all of my personal belongings into my parents' minivan first thing this morning. Then we waited.

And waited.

It just didn't make sense to begin setting up the room I'm currently assigned to if I was going to get my transfer in a few hours.

Fortunately, that room is already papered and bordered. If I stay, all I need to do is situate my things in the room. I'm afraid that is something I will have to start doing tomorrow morning even though I am still desperately hoping for a transfer.

I did enjoy seeing my colleagues this morning. But I did not enjoy the crowd and the noise in the teachers' lounge where we first met this morning. That was too overwhelming for me. I only stayed for a few minutes.

This is hard. I feel let down by my school district. I know they have accommodated other teachers in the past, and I wish they would find a way to do so for me.


  1. My heart absolutely breaks for you, Joannah. I so wish there were something I could do to alleviate some of your anguish. You've been through more in a short time than most people endure in a lifetime. Many hugs to you, sweets.

  2. I have been thinking of you today.. I am soooo sorry.. I hope they come to their senses..
    Love you my friend..
    BIG HUGZ..

  3. Oh, Kim said exactly what I was thinking! I keep waiting for amazing things to start happening to you, who is so faithful to God. I hope and pray that this weekend is the turning point! I will put in my order to God: Friday, transfer, Sun, positive test!!!!

  4. I had high hopes for a primary grade for you but, if that is not the plan, there must be a reason. When I returned to work grief-stricken, I had "the" class I needed. They needed me, too. My prayer is for those children in your class be the right class for you. As for co-workers, each day will be a little easier. I had an extremely insensitive co-worker. She did crazy things that made me think I was losing my mind!! Like going in my room after I left for the day and moving things around or borrowing things that I needed for the next day!!! Said the most hurtful things about grief and children. But, for the most part my friends gathered around like a shield of love and prayer. I made it and I know you will!!!


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